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S.E.A. International School

(Affiliated to ICSE Board)

About International School.

SEA International School is an indispensable part of South East Asian Group of Institutions that promotes the holistic development of the young children blending physical and moral awareness with intellectual proficiency. The Sea educational trust that follows the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), owes to its success to the excellent team developed by the founder chairman A. Krishnappa, Ex MLA and Social Welfare Minister in the Government of Karnataka. It is one of the accomplished schools that makes the young learners to bloom into various arenas of learning by allowing them to be trained in a technology- friendly, congenial environment to keep pace with World Class Education. It is our dignified establishment that motivates a large number of students to keep abreast with the modern trends of education beyond curriculum, facilitating them to be groomed under the supervision of effective educators and to be benefited with a multi-faceted infrastructure. Thus our institution enlightens the children of all communities by offering them quality education, aiming at the all-round development of the child with an accentuation on discipline, self-tolerance, ethical values, culture and national integration to mould them to be a worthy citizen in the long run.

Technology initiative and Smart class

The young people today are growing up in a global knowledge society. Those who are well-educated, self-motivated and able to manage the myriad of information networks are likely to live fulfilling lives. Knowledge, that is know-how and know-why is becoming an important driver of the global economy, leading to innovation and success. Recognizing the significance of an IT driven world, SEA international school has spared no expense in installing high grade computers, projectors and electronic smart boards in each class room, to enhance learning. Complementing these machines are teaching aids which are consistently upgraded to facilitate awareness and knowledge.

List of courses
Our school welcomes the children below 6 years to sail through three levels of kindergarten from Nursery to KG-2.Our Primary section comprises of Std-1 to Std-4. Our Middle School en rolls the students belonging to the age group 10 years -13years to study in Class V- VII. Our High school children are eligible for enrolling from Class VIII- Class X.

Our objective
Pre-primary fundamentals - It gives more emphasis to grow up the minds of the tiny-tots with the gentle touch of Montessori -trained teachers who playfully guide and nurture them in various play areas like swings, jungle-gym, cycle etc.
Primary School - Along with the traditional system of pedagogy and curriculum –based education, it helps the learners to nourish their minds with extra-curricular activities and to improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
Middle School - To unlock the students potential it is designed on the basis personal, social, physical and intellectual growth of the children aged 11 to 14, developing their skill of critical thinking, test of reasoning, communicative approach, real-life encounter, problem solving aptitude, creativity, knowledge of local and global issues, application of tools and technology etc.
High School - The crucial stage of the child –development that is strictly mentored by the trained counsellors and staff members to give them bright exposure to the vast field of study. Remedial teaching is introduced with the necessary intervention and guidance of the parents and teachers.

Admissions & Eligibility

[ a.] Admission from class 1 onwards is on the basis of entrance test only.
[ b.] No student less than 6 years of age and more than 7 years as on 1st June of the year, is admitted to std 1 corresponding scale of age is applied for successive standards.
[ c.] The decision of the management / principal is final with regard to admission.
[ d.] Admission forms to be obtained from the office and submitted after completing the same along with the Xerox documents i.e. Birth certificate, 4 passport size photographs, Transfer certificate and report card issued by previous school.
[ e.] Admission to be made on /before the dates notified, on payment of prescribed fee.


SPORTS                                            KARATE                                         DANCE

SKATING                                                         PAINTING                                             ART WORKS

MUSIC                                       YOGA                             SCIENCE EXHIBITION

School achievement

Our school have got excellent records in Academics.

In fact our school has won international award consecutively.

Students achievement

Kogileti Saatvik of class III has participated in " Indikarting National Go Kart Series " powered by J k Tyre & Tata Motors. He has bagged several prizes in the National Level Series.
April 23 & 24 - Pune 3rd place
April 30 & May 1 - Goa 2nd place
May 14 & 15 - Vadodhara - 2nd place
May 28 & 29 - Ludhiana - 1st place (Race1) & 2nd place (Race2)

To comprehend the students progress in the various paths of learning and to focus on the students hidden talent, they have been given opportunities to perform in myriad of programs, competitive exams or sport events which are held within-school or between-schools, state-level, national level or international level, aiming to cope up with the present scenario of multi-purpose education.

In English Language Championship International exam 2011-12 and 2012-13, our students bring laurels to the school every year. Yadukrishna of VIII consecutively bagged First prize and Dhanya of VI bagged First Prize, Roshan Shanbougue of IX bagged second prize in 2011-12 English Language Championship, Dhanya Udupa of class VIII bagged First prize in English Language Championship 2013-14.

The students of all colour belts participated in Karate competition and have won prizes. Among them Lochan of class V has got black belt.

For developing and promoting Yoga Asana as a sport our children are encouraged to participate in State and International Yoga Championship every year and they win prizes.

Our students leave their mark in every categories of Inter-School competition such as Spell-Bee ,Drawing, Wealth out of Waste, Dance etc. Annually the prizes are distributed among the winners.

To prove the students acquirement of knowledge in various areas of science the students from class IV to X are asked to participate in National Science Olympiad. In 2013 NSO Exam., M.Thanushree got 9th rank in state.

“I-CUBE Science Fest” conducted by Deeksha Integrated is held every year in our school and our students by and large take part in this Talent Search Competition. In 2014-15,Arvind, Prasad and Wamsi of class 9 won 1st prize.

All India G.K. Exam which is conducted every year and the students of 1st standard to X-standard participate and score good ranks in national level and State level. In 2012-2013 G.K. Exam, Mahammad Aman of class V got 6th rank and Prashanth .S of 9th got 24th rank.

India’s first Team of Running Race for School conducted by PUMA was held on 8th February, 2014 and the athletes of our school participated in it and our school achieved 9th positions amongst 50 schools.

Apart from the bookish knowledge our children are motivated to join in multifarious social work programs to inculcate among them the essence of Indian cultures and values. We celebrate National, community, and religious festivals periodically throughout the year.

We feel proud to say that two of our senior Rajyapuraskar Guides, Navya Krishna and Meghna had an opportunity to participate in An International event that was held in Srilanka .It was the Colombo centenary Scout Jauboree , hosted by the scout Association of Srilanka to celebrate the 100 years of Scouting in Colombo.

Young Learner English ( YLE)

The idea of Cambridge Young learners English is to set international standards in the learning of language from Primary to High school. This is done through a series of three tests that are designed to encourage good learning, development of all language skills and high standard of confidence and achievement in English

Smart Class

To educate the children in technology-friendly environment, our school has partnered with Extramarks, an educational solution provider which has brought out a revolution in teaching learning process to benefit the visual, auditory, and the kinesthetic learner and to make abstract concepts more clear.

Library / Reading Room

The well-equipped Library of our school stimulates the reading habits of our students with a large stock of books of various categories such as reference books, encyclopedias, dailies, magazines, Journals which help to feed the students’ mind with manifold information, supply valuable research material for class project under the supervision of the Librarian and the teachers.


Transportation facilities are available to students to bring them safely to the school and drop them back. The buses are driven by seasoned and experienced drivers along with the lady helpers.


To give first-hand experience in observation and manipulation of the materials of science and to ensure that practical knowledge is placed on an equal footing along with the theoretical knowledge our school has spacious Labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It offers the students immense opportunity to explore and experiment their knowledge and to enrich their level of understanding and research aptitude of the students. Science Laboratory are well-equipped and divided are into four sections -
Computer Lab- In the last decade the computer, internet and mobile technology have permeated all aspects of daily life. At all grade levels we offer our students and teaching community access to expertise and the latest equipment that will enable them to leverage technology as a tool across all areas of the curriculum.

Art & Craft

To hone the students’ creative and artistic skills they are guided by the specialized teacher to involve in various activities such as Clay modelling, Painting, Woodwork, Pot-painting, Glass Painting, Candle Making and the style of Ikebana.

Yardstick Experiment

‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” YELP is the most powerful way to teach children science and maths.Yardstick believes that learning should enable the students connect to real world; hands-on learning enables each child to learn concepts in his or her own unique way. Yardstick is committed to providing the best possible materials and the most effective procedures for getting students deep into scientific concepts and increasing scientific temper. Yardstick curriculum engage students to investigate experiment, gather data, organize results, and develop conclusions based on their own actions.


our school has a school band is a group of student musicians who rehearse and perform instrumental music together. These bands are given easy music to learn, often with many duplicate parts and simple rhythms.They are beautifully trained by the band master to perform in celebration of national festivals like Independence day, Republic day, Sports day etc.

Scouts& Guides

"On my honour, I promise that I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country, To help other people at all times, And to obey the Scout/Guide Law." To educate the young minds with moral values and to play a role in a constructive society traditional Scouting program is adapted to meet national needs. Service projects include filling in swamps in villages, planting trees and visiting old age home, orphanage, etc.

Music & Dance

Through music and rhythmic movements, our children learn acceptable outlets to express feelings and relieve tension. Our students get opportunity to learn the instrument like keyboard, Tablas and to sing in chorus. Children who are fortunate enough to be exposed to weekly music lessons, choir rehearsals, creative movement, or general music classes reap many benefits. Our children are guided by our dance masters who are well-versed in various classical dance forms, folk and Western dance.

Games & Sports

Physical fitness is the pre-requisite of a student’s academic success. Physical instruction classes are a mandatory part of the curriculum. Athletics together with Games & Sports draw widespread students’ participation for a good part of the year…Clubs and associations connected to sports Table Tennis, Badminton, Football, Volleyball, and Basket Ball. Shooting is an added feather in the cap of SEA institution. As an institution our vision for sports in the long term is to provide thorough training to the young

Student Council

In order to develop team spirit, co-operative effort, the school is divided into four Houses named –
Ruby - ‘Aspire to attain’
Sapphire - ‘ Strive to succeed’
Diamond - “Deeds not Dream’
Emerald - ‘Action not Words’
Each house has a captain and a vice-captain. The winner of the inter-house championship for every year is declared at the annual sports meet. The houses create unity and team-work while also promoting healthy competition between students. To enhance the skill of leadership, our students have to undergo some training on personality development.

Name Qualification Experience
Hemamalini( Principal ) more M.Sc., B.Ed. 15yrs
Vinoda G P.U.C. (B.A.), TCH 10yrs
Julia G B.Sc., B.Ed. 20yrs
Sharan M.A., N.T.T. 8yrs
Sangeetah Mary D.E.C.E., Diploma in Montessotri 15yrs
Rajlakshmi R B.A., B.Ed 25yrs
Rajlakshmi P B.A., B.Ed 12yrs
Premkumari G H B.Sc, Diploma in Montessori 8yrs
Jasinta S B.A, TCH 10yrs
Mullai.Urs.T.A B.A, D.Ed. 7yrs
Usha Rani M.Sc, B.Ed. 10yrs
Prathiba M PUC, Diploma in Montessori 12yrs
Chandrakala R B.A., MNT 6yrs
H.S.Rekha B.Com., B.Ed. 6yrs
Mabel S B.A, B. Ed 8yrs
Sunayana Singh B.Sc., TCH 5yrs
Fazana Begum B.Sc., MNT 8yrs
Manjurani B.A., B.Ed. 5yrs
Remya Ani MCA 7yrs
Malathi P.M M.A., B.Ed. 10yrs
Kavitha B. S M.Sc, B.Ed 11yrs
Nirmala P.Rao Diploma in EC, MNT 3yrs
Eswari. C M.Lib. 3yrs
Sangeetha D B.A., B. Ed. 4yrs
Alice Violet B.Sc., B.Ed 1yr
Reshmirekha Nayak B.Sc., MNT 1yrs
Savitha S B.A., MCA 4yrs
Jancy Mary PUC, NTT 3 months
Sarmistha Roy M.A. Junior Diploma in Bharatnattyam 3 months
Shamvabi Mishra M.Sc., Senior Diploma in bhajan 2yrs
Lalitha D M.Com. , MNT 3 months
Ramya B Fashion Design Course 3 months
Najubunisa Begum B.A., B.Ed 1yr
Jayashree Choudhury B.A. , NTT 1yr
Euvari Sreedevi MCA 3 months
Archana Sinha M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. 9yrs
Deepika K.S B.A., B.Ed. 6 months
Maheswari . N PUC 3 months
Hemavati B.A.(Hindi) , B.A 3 months
Vinutha B.A 3 months
Nagraj PGBT

Special Events

Puppet show.

KG II Convocation Day.

World Senior Citizen Day.

Blind Melodies.

Sports Day.

World Environment Day Celebrations

Talents Day Celebrations

Class Xth Farewell Celebrations 2015


A heart melting experience we have gathered recently by a get together which was organized by the youngster of class VIII, IX.

Along with laughter and happiness, tears and fears. We were amazed to look at the scholastic souls to be urged with an oath taking by our beloved Principal, Mrs.Hemamalini.

Not only the grace of God, our children also like to be blessed with innumerable multitudes.

Celebration of blissful Makar Sankranti

At the outset of the new year , MakarSankranti, in S.E.A International School is celebrated with much devotion, gaiety, and cheerfulness.

Students from Nursery to Std. X all together participated in various events to express their exuberance evoked from this harvest festival.

The tiny-tots from Nursery to Std.II produced eye candy images by colouring cows, sugarcane, decorating pots with sparkly sequins, beads, glitters etc.

The students of Std.III were involved in Mosaic painting to give a scintillating look to various kites.

The students of Std. IV did a splendid work by decorating cows giving them colourful costumes artistically with their brilliant ideas of collage.

Toran Decoration was an brilliant outcome of the teamwork done by the students of Std.V,Std.VI and Std.VII. They put a lot of enthusiasm and effort to furnish the doors with multi-coloured flower , leaves and garlands.

The eye-catching Rangoli designs were made by the girls of Std. V, VI and VII by pouring colour powder, glitters, lamps, salt, rice etc.

The students of Std.VIII wore traditional dresses and deliver their speeches on how the auspicious day is celebrated in several states of India.

The boys of classIX made a wonderful display of hand-made kites with various materials and the girls were busy with cooking in an open air kitchen. Their joyful zest to prepare food-items like ladoos, sweets, pakoda, sabbaki roti, bada really brought jubilance of this happy festival.

All these activities cum competitions were judged by the students of class X who boldly and enjoyably performed their tasks brightening their faces with a couple of blissful moments of their schooldays.

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