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S.E.A College of Nursing

(Affiliated to RGUHS,KNC & INC)

About S.E.A College of Nursing
Trust, Enter, Learn, Go forth to Serve.

Nursing is a career filled with endless personal and professional rewards. If you choose nursing you are choosing to spend your life helping others, using skills that blend scientific knowledge with compassion and caring.
SEA Institution of nursing was established in the year 2003 by our honourable chairman Shri A Krishnappa Ex-minister, Government of Karnataka. After required formal inspection done by KNC, INC and RGUHS, SEA College of Nursing was recognized by apex body and it was started with the sanctioned intake of sixty. SEA Institute of nursing is running various graduate study programme like M.Sc. (N) B.Sc (N), Post Basic (N) and Diploma in general nursing which is affiliated to RGUHS, KNC, INC and Karnataka State Diploma in Nursing Examination Board (KSDNEB). SEA Institute of Nursing comprises of building, labs, clinical facilities and community health practicing area both rural and urban.
SEA Institute of Nursing consists of experienced well expertised, enthusiastic, and committed teaching faculty who with all their knowledge, skills and patience work for the student development.


The three years or 36 months duration graduate study program is affiliated to Karnataka State Diploma in Nursing Examination Board, Bangalore. It is designed to provide students with basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enter the health care system as a professional nurse. Students develop skills and judgement in assessing , planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care for all age groups. Particular emphasis is placed on the ability to deliver quality care in a therapeutic manner.


⇒ To develop the aptitude, knowledge and skill necessary for assessing nursing needs of the individuals throughout the life cycle, families and communities.
⇒ To provide the relevant knowledge related to biological and behavioural sciences in planning and carrying out safe nursing care activities.
⇒ To inculate the necessity and importance of Co-operation with members of the health team in the hospital or in the community in prevention of diseases, promotion, restoration of health and rehabilitation.

Eligibility for Admission

A pass with 40% (for General), 35% (for SC/ST) in 10+2/PUC/PDC examination or equivalent examination in Arts / Commerce / Science.

The salient duties of the course are as follows

Biological Science
Anatomy & Physiology
Fundamentals of Nursing
First Aid & Personal Hygiene
Behavioural Science
Psychology & Sociology
Community Health Nursing I
Environment Hygiene
Health Education & Communication Skills
Medical Surgical Nursing I(Including Pharmacology)
Medical Surgical Nursing II(Specialities)
Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing
Computer Education
Midwifery and Gynaecology
Community Health Nursing II
Paediatric Nursing

This is a 4 years Graduation program which is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science and recognised by KNC & INC. The course emphasis on providing comprehensive knowledge related to basic human science, pathophysiological changes, scope of disease, treatment and research. enabling the holistic development of a student as a professional nurse, educator, tressarder and nursing practitioner. The course is tailored to provide extensive practical training and exposure in the best hospitals enabling them to be abreast of latest equipments, technology and knowledge. Students are exposed to community health set up at rural and urban community for their public health practice which includes field trips to water purification plant, sewage treatment, leprosy sanitarium, TB sanitarium, food and Milk processing plant and community health centre. Domestic care includes survey, health checkups, health awareness programmes, immunization, first aid, health assessment and treating minor ailments. The students are mandaterily expected to go for an eduactional tour visiting relevant environments across the length and breath of the country extensive participation in teaching and also carrying out research oriented type of projects is a part of the course curriculum.


⇒ To inculate fundamental concept of Nursing through quality knowledge delivery coupled with skilled development through hands on training , in providing care to people of all ages in the family, community and institutional setting.
⇒ To educate students about fundamentals of physical, biological, social and behavioural sciences and their importance in assessing the health status of suffering community.
⇒ To nurture the structure to systematically investigate the problems related to health care.

Eligibility for Admission
Students who have completed 10+2/PUC/PDC examination or equivalent examination as recognised by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, with an aggregate of 45% marks in science subjects, viz., Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English .

Nursing Foundations
Introduction to Computers
Hindi / Regional Language
Library Work / Self Study
Co-curricular Activities
Pathology & Genetics
Medical Surgical Nursing
Community Health Nursing I
Communication & Educational Tech
Library Wok / Self Study
Co-curricular Activities
Medical Surgical Nursing
Child Health Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing
Library Wok / Self Study
Co-curricular Activities
Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing
Community Health Nursing II
Nursing Research & Statistics
Management of Nursing Services & Education

The course recognised both by KNC and INC and affiliated to RGHUS, Karnataka is a 2 years duration broad based nursing programme specially aimed to build upon the skills and competencies acquired by the members of Learners Community at the Diploma Level Nursing Programmes. The course focuses on the inculating the importance of art and act of taking independent decisions on nursing situations and means of protecting the rights of facilities / individuals besides providing comprehensive information about the hospital functions, community nursing services and so on in the best tradition of hands on type teaching seeing methologies.The programme is tailored made to the graduates aspiring to assume responsibilities as professional competent nurse and midwife at basic level while providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative service. The graduates shall be able to take independent decisions besides competent enough to carry out research studies in relevant areas of importance and need.

Eligibility for Admission
Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery.The salient duties of the courses are as follows

Nursing Foundation
Nutrition & Dietetics
BioChemistry & BioPhysics
Maternal Nursing
Child Health Nursing
Medical & Surgical Nursing
Community Health Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Introduction to Nursing Education
Introduction to Nursing Administration
Introduction to Nursing Research & Statistics

It is a two years duration PG Programme recognised by KNC and INC and affiliated to RGHHS, Karnataka. The course curriculum is structred to enable the students to acquire in depth level of Competences in nursing so as to enable him/her to practice independently in needly envirnoment. The Programme assumes avenue to knowledge acquisition besides developing professional competencies. Objectives

⇒ To enhance cognitive, affective and psycho motor competencies and to harness the potential of the students for their efficient nursing performance.
⇒ To develop appropriate and initiate change in the health care system, its implementations and efficient delivery.
⇒ To inculate the Leadership qualities in the practice of professional nursing.

Eligibility for Admission
Should possess a Degree in B.Sc Nursing with a minimum of one year experience in Hospitals or Nursing Educational Institutions or Community Health Envirnoments.


1. Advance Concepts of Health and Nursing
2. Biological and Psychosocial Foundations of Nursing
3. Education and Nursing Education
4. Bio-statisticsm Research Methodology and Nursing Research.


1. Medical Surgical Nursing
2. Community Health Nursing
3. Paediatric Nursing
4. Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing

* SOS VILLAGE ( Bannerghatta, Bangalore)
* REMAND HOME ( Madiwala, Bangalore)
* SPASTIC SOCIETY (Indranagar, Bngalore)
* JUVENILE HOME ( Madiwala, Bangalore)
* NITTE college of nursing
* A.J institute of medical sciences and hospital
* Lakshmi memorial college of nursing
* Yenepoya college of nursing
* Father Muller's hospital and college of nursing

1. Integrated into degree programmes as a core part of the curriculum.
2. Major organizations target SEACET for placement of students.
3. To bridge the gap that currently exists between the industry and fresh professionals for recruitment purposes.
4. To increase the efficiency in terms of time, energy and costs in the process of recruitment.
5. To evolve streamlined and classified information that matches the needs of employers and prospective employees.

HOW TO APPLY ( Applicable for all courses )

Application & prospectus could be obtained from the college office. The duly filled in application should be submitted to the college office along with the following necessary documents:

One Photostat copy of the statement of marks of the Qualifying examination 10+2/ PUC/ PDC.

One Photostat copy of the SSLC certificate showing the date of birth.

4 latest Passport Size Photos.

One Photostat copy of SC/ST certificate duly certified (if applicable).

Conduct Certificate from the Head of the institution last attended.

Medical fitness certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner.

Migration Certificate from the University (for students from outside Karnataka )

Transfer certificate from the college.

  Medical Surgical Nursing

  Paediatric Nursing

  Obstetrics and Gynaecology Lab

  Community Health Nursing Lab

  Anatomy Lab

  Fundamentals of Nursing Lab & Nutrition Lab

  Clinical Facilities

  Library & Internet




Achievements:Sea institute of nursing students have achieved three gold medals from RGUHS, namely

Ms. Nengneihat received gold medal on 31/3/2012, RGUHS convocation for highest score in community health nursing in B.Sc nursing.

Ms. Jinu baby received gold medal on 25/3/2013, RGUHS convocation for highest score in community health nursing in B.Sc nursing


  Inter Collegiate Cultural Fest

  Independence Day Celebration

  Blood Donation Camp                                                                                                   Eye Camp

  World AIDS DAY                                                                                                                                 Nurses Week Celebration

  Environmental Safety Programme & General Health Check-up

  National Youth Day


  Health Education on ill effects of Alcohol

  School Health Programme

  General Health Check-up, SPEECH & HEARING CLINIC


  Nutrition Demonstration, Cultural & Sports Competition

  Street Play on Prevention of Communicable Diseases

  Inservice Education                                                                                                                                    Valedictory

  Model Exhibition

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Name Qualification Designation Experience Details
Prof. Hemam Sangeeta Devi M.Sc. (N)Medical Surgical Nsg Principal 13yrs Profile
Prof. Jacline Jabagany M.Sc. (N)OBG Vice principal & HOD 22yrs Profile
Mrs. Vernonsiya M.Sc. (N)Paediatric HOD 7yrs Profile
Mrs. Deepa Mary Abraham M.Sc. (N) Medical Surgical Nsg Lecturer 2yrs
Mr. Raghavendra M.Sc. (N)Psychiatric Lecturer 2yrs
Mr. Akash M.Sc. (N)Community Lecturer 3yrs
Mr. Dinesh .C.V M.Sc. (N)Community Lecturer 1yr
Mrs. Geeta. K M.Sc. (N) Paediatric Lecturer 14yrs
Ms. Bhargavi M.Sc. (N)OBG Lecturer 3yrs
Mrs. Sowjanya B.Sc (N) Asst. Lecturer 6.2yrs
Mrs. Divya Shinto B.Sc (N) Asst. Lecturer 8yrs
Mrs. Reshma malini carlo B.Sc (N) Tutor 3yrs
Mrs. Linu Roy B.Sc (N) Tutor 2.6yrs
Ms. Suvarna B.Sc (N) Tutor 3.3yr
Ms. Ambika Pukhram B.Sc (N) Clinical Instructor 1yr
Ms. Chinju.T B.Sc (N) Clinical Instructor 1yr
Mrs. Aswani Vijayan B.Sc (N) Clinical Instructor 1yr
Mr. Monish B.Sc (N) Clinical Instructor 5yr
Mrs. Merlin Abraham B.Sc (N) Clinical Instructor 2.5yrs


Name Qualification Designation Experience Details
Dr.Padmanabha BDS External Lecturer Anatomy 15yrs
Dr. Sujatha sriram External Lecturer Microbiology 20yrs
Dr. Mini Joseph External Lecturer Physiology 24yrs
Mr. Nagaraju PhD * External Lecturer Research And Statics 7yrs


Name Qualification Designation Experience Details
Mrs. Uma K MA, B.Ed Clerk 5yrs
Mr. Srinivasa MD BA, DLisc & Microsoft office Assistant Librarian 5yrs