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S.E.A. Primary & Higher Secondary


(Affiliated to Karnataka STATE Board)

About Primary & Higher Secondary School

Situated on the lush green area where Mother Nature is showering her beauty and blessing with both her hands, S.E.A. School was established in the year 2001 under the guidance of Shri.A.Krishnappa.

Our vision includes not only academic success but all-round development of each student with a wider focus on preparing them for tomorrow's global challenges. We believe that learning is a lifelong voyage of self-discovery and understanding of the world. S.E.A School campus is strategically designed to provide an ideal and secure environment for its students. The campus has large open spaces as well as appropriately planned facilities within the building, thus providing ample space for outdoor as well as indoor activities. The form and colours of the building have carefully been designed to provide mental stimulation for children.


The school is set up with the objective to provide effective and affordable quality education with a holistic approach. With this well developed campus and infrastructure, the school provides a congenial atmosphere to develop the talents of the children to learn uninhibitedly. Apart from imparting formal education, SEA School emphasises the importance of inculcating love and respect for our rich culture and secular heritage.


* In the course of 10 years the school has rapidly grown to its present student and maintain an optimum staff-student ratio.
* The School has not lagged behind in providing facilities and opportunities for all its students to keep up with new technological developments.
* The School has been known for imbibing in the students a rich tradition of cultural heritage. It's been an annual feature in the school to celebrate every important religious festival, an Annual Day and various other events.


Admission Procedure

Age: The child must have completed 5 years on or before 30th March for seeking admission for class I.

The school’s academic session commences in June every year and consists of 3 terms. June-September ,October-December, January -March.

Procedure for Registration
• Admission from class I onwards is on the basis of entrance test only.
• Admission forms to be obtained from the Office & submitted after completing the same along with the original documents i.e. birth certificate, latest report car transfer certificate & two passport size photo graphs.
• Admission to be made on / before the dates notified , on payment of the prescribed fee

Procedure for Paying Fee:
• The first half yearly fees as prescribed should be paid on or before 1 week of April. The second half yearly fees should be paid on or before 10th of September.
• Bus facility will be provided to & fro on payment of prescribed fee.
• Transport fee will be fixed depending upon the distance.
• Transport fee will be collected half yearly.

Withdrawal of students during an academic year is not advisable. However, if a student is to be withdrawn for reasons beyond the control of the parent /guardian, three calendar month’s notice must be given in writing. Incase of withdrawal without notice, all the dues for that period will be charged. Fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Visiting Hour:
Principal: Every day between 8 : 30 to 9:30am
Class Teacher: Tuesdays & Saturdays 8 : 30 to 9:30am


SPORTS                                            KARATE                                         DANCE

SKATING                                                         PAINTING                                             ART WORKS

MUSIC                                       YOGA                             SCIENCE EXHIBITION

Library / Reading Room

The well-equipped Library of our school stimulates the reading habits of our students with a large stock of books of various categories such as reference books, encyclopedias, dailies, magazines, Journals which help to feed the students’ mind with manifold information, supply valuable research material for class project under the supervision of the Librarian and the teachers.


Transportation facilities are available to students to bring them safely to the school and drop them back. The buses are driven by seasoned and experienced drivers along with the lady helpers.

Art & Craft

To hone the students’ creative and artistic skills they are guided by the specialized teacher to involve in various activities such as Clay modelling, Painting, Woodwork, Pot-painting, Glass Painting, Candle Making and the style of Ikebana.


our school has a school band is a group of student musicians who rehearse and perform instrumental music together. These bands are given easy music to learn, often with many duplicate parts and simple rhythms.They are beautifully trained by the band master to perform in celebration of national festivals like Independence day, Republic day, Sports day etc.

Scouts& Guides

"On my honour, I promise that I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country, To help other people at all times, And to obey the Scout/Guide Law." To educate the young minds with moral values and to play a role in a constructive society traditional Scouting program is adapted to meet national needs. Service projects include filling in swamps in villages, planting trees and visiting old age home, orphanage, etc.

Music & Dance

Through music and rhythmic movements, our children learn acceptable outlets to express feelings and relieve tension. Our students get opportunity to learn the instrument like keyboard, Tablas and to sing in chorus. Children who are fortunate enough to be exposed to weekly music lessons, choir rehearsals, creative movement, or general music classes reap many benefits. Our children are guided by our dance masters who are well-versed in various classical dance forms, folk and Western dance.

Games & Sports

Physical fitness is the pre-requisite of a student’s academic success. Physical instruction classes are a mandatory part of the curriculum. Athletics together with Games & Sports draw widespread students’ participation for a good part of the year…Clubs and associations connected to sports Table Tennis, Badminton, Football, Volleyball, and Basket Ball. Shooting is an added feather in the cap of SEA institution. As an institution our vision for sports in the long term is to provide thorough training to the young

Student Council

In order to develop team spirit, co-operative effort, the school is divided into four Houses named –
Ruby - ‘Aspire to attain’
Sapphire - ‘ Strive to succeed’
Diamond - “Deeds not Dream’
Emerald - ‘Action not Words’
Each house has a captain and a vice-captain. The winner of the inter-house championship for every year is declared at the annual sports meet. The houses create unity and team-work while also promoting healthy competition between students. To enhance the skill of leadership, our students have to undergo some training on personality development.


Nikhil of class 8th A sec and Swaroop of class 6th A sec had played the cricket match from DEC 23 to JAN 03 at Hyderabad Under 14yrs associated with KIOC ( karnataka Institute of Cricket ) and been awarded the best "All Rounder" and best "Batsman" respectively.

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S.E.A Primary Teachers

Name Qualification Experience  Details
Asha. A ( Principal ) M.A,M.Ed. 28yrs Profile
Rehana Begum P.U.C N.T.T, (M.A) 34yrs
Nalina Kumari P.U.C N.T.T, (B.A) 18yrs
Sumithra V. Kumar S.S.L.C N.T.T, (B.A) 18yrs
Nethra. V B.Com, N. T. T( M.COM) 10yrs
Elizabeth Rani. A M.A, B. Ed 8yrs
Manjula Udupa B. Sc(CBZ) ,D.C.P Graphic designing 8yrs
Padma C. S P.U.C, T.C.H 19yrs
Anusuya M. C B.A, N.T.T 20yrs
Laxmi Kumari G M.A, B. Ed 7yrs
Jyothi. B P.U.C,N.T.T 9yrs
Akula Krishnaveni B.A (M.A) 10yrs
Manjula.M B.A (B. Ed) ( M.A) 16yrs
Geetha Rani B.S B. Sc , B. Ed,( M.Sc.) 7yrs
Francina.J B.A, N.T.T 12yrs
Anitha H.N B.A, B. Ed 8yrs
Rajalakshmi R B. Sc , N.T.T 16yrs
Anitha Mercy J B.A 16yrs
Anjana Muralidharan B.A, IRPM 7yrs
Nuthan Naik B.A D.Ed 5yrs
Jyothi K.L B.Com (M. com) 3yrs
Manjula A Diploma 3yrs
Shobana M S.S.L.C( NTT) 3yrs
Nagamani A.S B.Sc, B.Ed 6yrs
Vidhya Rani V B.A N.T.T 5yrs
Uma S B.A N.T.T 7yrs
Reddy Janaki M.C.A 2yrs
Anitha P B.A 1yr
Uma vaidhyanathan B.A 18yrs
Pravina Bai B.Sc,( M.Sc ) B.Ed 6yrs
Suneetha Bharathi B.Sc, B.Ed 2yrs
Premalatha PUC, D.C.A 2yrs
Sirisha B.Sc, B.Ed ( M.Sc) 5yrs
Bhagyalakshmi D B.A , B.P.Ed 10yrs
Tejaswini K B.A, D. Ed 1yrs
Sree Asha PUC, NTT 2yrs
Ambika PUC 2yrs
Bharathi B.A 1yr
Jayasimha B.Com (M. com) 1yr

S.E.A High School Teachers

Name Qualification Experience  Details
Asha. A ( Principal ) M.A,M.Ed. 28yrs Profile
Bharathi Y B. Sc , B. Ed 15yrs
Christina Sharmila N M.A, B. Ed 13yrs
Shoba Rani S B.A, B. Ed 17yrs
Jayalakshamamma M.A, B. Ed 19yrs
Suma R. Desai M. Sc , B. Ed 10yrs
Padma Bandaru M. Sc (Maths) 14yrs
Deepali Rajiv B. H. Sc.( Textile designer) 7yrs
Alphonse Nathan M.A, B. Ed , HNC. 20yrs
Shiv Kumar M.A, B. Ed 12yrs
Ramesh Babu G B. Sc, B. Ed 24yrs
Thara Basavaraj M.A B.Ed 7yrs
Madhini M.R B.Com B.Ed 19yrs
Phanishree M.C.A 5yrs
Ganesh Hegde B.Ed 1yr
Kavitha B. Sc, B. Ed 4yrs
Chandra Chood B.A M.P.Ed 1yr
Shilpa B. Sc 8yrs

Go Green

They don’t have mouth to say, but have feelings in them. They are only the plants . they will give food to eat, fresh air to breathe, shelter to settle. But we humans cannot pour at least a mug of water to the plants. For example you have bought a new cycle . you will take care of it so much. Though it is a non-living thing you will treat it as it is a living thing. But plants are living things. We are treating it like non-living things some people, will cut the saplings if the plant will not grow properly but let them think at least one second, why is it not growing properly? Think at least once that with out plants how our life will be. I am proud that our beloved Chairman Sir has made our campus “Go Green” by planting around 4000 saplings on environmental day. Students of High school had the golden opportunity to plant those saplings. We the students of all the classes must take good care of the plants in our campus and see to that our campus must become a paradise on Earth. We thank our Chairman for all his love towards plants and birds. “Each one plant one”.

NCC Camp 2013-14

The Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) of our NCC cadets was held in our school from 9th – 19th Oct 2013. Under the guidance of our wing commander Mr. S. Vinod and the full co-operation of our chairman Shri. A. Krishnappa, Mrs. Asha, Mrs. Hema Malini and ANO Alphonse aims of the camp were as follows.
• To carry out intensive individual and training.
• To develop mutual and physical stamina.
• To give cadets an experience of camp life.
• To install qualification of leadership, moral character and discipline 300 cadets had gathered from throughout Karnataka in SEA school from various NCC units namely Bangalore, Bidar, Mysore, Mangalore and Belgum.

From our school 14 JDS and 9 JWS and one ANo participated. During our camp days students leaned many good things. They were explained the following topics.
Aero modelling, Aero engine, Weapon training, Home guards training daily we had cultural programs in that our cadets participated actively. Various competition were conducted and our cadets won the following prizes. 1. Drill – II prize (Group captain SGT.Vinay)
2. 100mts – II prize (Vimitha)
3. Volley ball – Runner (captain Saravanan)
4. Throw ball – Winner up ( Divya kumar gupta)

Scouts and Guides

SEA Scouts and Guides unit was inaugurated in the year 2005. The Scouts and Guides units helps the students to develop the habits of self reliance, self-discipline, cheerfulness and patriotism.
A first step is to develop the spirit of good will and toleration, truth and justice.
Unit Leaders: Scouts lady master – Manjula.A and Guide Captain – M.C. Anusuya.
We conducted various activities like nature study, cooking without fire, wide games, good turns all faith prayers, meeting and yoga.
We are happy to announce that our Principal Mrs.Asha is been recommended as President of K R Puram Guides Association.

TEACHERS DAY Celebrations WITH the kids

Graduation 2016 Celebrations for KG kids

Sports Day 2016 Celebrations

Farewell Celebrations

Sankranthi Festival Celebrations

Festival and Birthday Celebrations

Inter School Sports

Tiny Tots Day

Workshop , Yoga and Eye Testing Camp

Poor's Day and Grand Parent's Day

Rhymes and Story Telling

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